LASIK Technology

iLASIK Laser Suite

Wavelight Refractive Suite

At Advanced Eye & Laser Center of Mansfield, Dr. Mahasneh offers her patients the latest in laser vision correction technology. Because no two eyes are alike, she offers multiple excimer lasers such as the VISX Star S4/w IR and iDesign technology as well as the WaveLight EX500 with Topoguided and Contoura. This technology is FDA approved and often results in 20/20 or better vision as well. This technology can also improve night vision by reducing higher-order aberrations, which can cause glare and halos.

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To make LASIK safer than ever before, Dr. Mahasneh also offers the safety of all-laser femtosecond technology, using both the iFS laser by Johnson & Johnson and the FS200 femtosecond laser by Alcon.

Millions of people have had LASIK over the past few years. Many more want to experience the freedom that LASIK offers but have been hesitant to move forward. With our technology, your candidacy is quickly evaluated and individualized. With the latest techniques, side effects, such as halo, starburst, and glare, are greatly reduced, and night vision is enhanced. All-Laser LASIK is so safe and so precise that it’s approved by the U.S. Military for our pilots and NASA for our astronauts.

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